English-Speaking Signs Say a Lot More Than Meets the Eye

A friend of mine, a local radio announcer, voiced a concern on the air recently that brought me straight up out of my bed.  Perhaps I should explain that I use a clock radio to wake up in the morning, and my alarm had just gone off about 60 seconds before I heard his words.  So much for the explanation of why I was in bed. The very second he spoke the words out, I realized that what he was saying was also the answer to what had been bothering me for years about certain television news film fed in from foreign soil in various places around the world.

His point was this:  He had been watching TV news media coverage of the Japanese nuclear disaster and had been seeing multiple “on the street” interviews with the Japanese people, most of whom were unable to speak any English.  Their portion of the interview was being interpreted by someone else.  He then began to notice that in a number of these interviews, these same Japanese people were carrying signs that touted such expressions as “No More Nukes!” and “Down With Nukes!”  The interesting thing about all of these signs was that not one of them was written in Japanese.  These people who could not speak any English were seemingly able to write out these messages in perfect English and show their signs on TV for all the world to see.

My friend’s question — and it should be everyone’s — was, “How is it that these people who are incapable of speaking English are quite able to write out their signs in perfect English, all promoting the same prejudiced message?”  And his second question was, “Is this just a strange phenomena, or are we being played?”

My answer — right out loud, even though I knew he couldn’t hear me — was, “That is exactly what’s happening!  And that’s exactly what’s been wrong with the picture in so many of those other newscasts that I’ve seen in the past!”  I had noticed over the past several years that often when our news media is covering a crisis area or war zone on foreign soil, the people in those films are obviously not English-speaking people.  It is not their habit — and most often not even within their capabilities — to speak — or write — in understandable English. Yet in long segments of that footage, scores of those non-English-speaking people held up, and shoved in front of the cameras, signs — written in clearly understandable English — that touted all kinds of anti-American statements:  Statements that ran the gamut from simply saying the people hated Americans, to calling the United States the devil.

And to make matters even more confusing, I know for a fact that most of these people  and their families live in a world that has been made so much safer for the past 60 years, only because of everything the United States has done for almost every nation that graces this planet.    I can honestly say that I’ve lost count of the times I’ve watched those films and felt that aggravating, insistent, even persistent, little voice down inside that kept asking “What’s wrong with this picture?”  There was just something that didn’t seem right or true, but I could never seem to put my finger on exactly what.

Suddenly, with the voicing of my friend’s thoughts, I knew what it was that had felt wrong.  All of those signs had been written in clear, perfectly understandable English! Who wrote them? Now I’m not saying that there aren’t plenty of people who believe lies and, as a result, hate Americans.  And I’m sure they say plenty whenever they get the chance — in their own language. But who paints those hundreds of signs in bold English?  Well, I might even agree that the foreign citizens probably even do the actual physical painting themselves.  But the big question is WHO tells them what English letters to  paint so that the message comes out exactly right every time? I’ve even noticed that there are usually 3 to 4 different slogans and a pretty equal distribution of each throughout those crowds.  (Posed, maybe???)

Well, when I look honestly at the whole picture, I find myself squared off, face-to-face, with this imposing question:  Is it some fluke of nature that these foreign-speaking people, all of a sudden,  are graced with the ability to write in a new tongue?  Or is it the organized, calculated work of the liberal news media, who have their own personal agenda — which is to serve the bidding of the liberal politicians, who also have their own agenda — which, if carried out, could lead to the destruction of the only nation in history that has been the one solid, dependable defense of freedom and justice for the entire world.

One thought on “English-Speaking Signs Say a Lot More Than Meets the Eye

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    I originally wrote this article on my “Happy Patriot” blog a couple of years ago, but tonight I found myself re-reading it — and feeling stirred up again to bring this troubling situation into focus once more. The problem has not gone away. It still exists and is still being force down the throats of the American people. So I’m taking the opportunity to re-blog it on this site and thereby vent my anger and frustration without losing my temper.

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