GUEST BLOGGER: Dennis N. O’Brien

Dennis O’Brien is from Queensland, Australia.  I discovered this poem, one of his original works, on his blog “Poetry of Dennis N. O’Brien.”  I was struck at how perfectly it describes one of the big problems we face here in our own nation — especially with an administration bent on moving us irrevocably into Socialism.  Thought my readers would enjoy it.


The Reds Aint Quite Dead

(To the tune of – I have no idea. Please pause where the multiple dots are.
All together now …1 2 3 4)

Oh……we’re…. really so happy for capital’s dyin’
From our cardboard hovels the red flag is flyin’
We don’t do no work but we’re here occupyin’
It’s really a wonderful day!

We……don’t pay no taxes – you wont get us workin’
Our duty we really are experts at shirkin’
When you thought us gone, under beds we were lurkin’
And now you are all gonna pay!

You……will…. see us on TV all weepin’ and cryin’
We tell a good story, we’re damn good at lyin’
We’ve got an agenda, and were not denyin’
We’re here, and here we’re gonna stay!

So…..we…. want socialism, no point then in stallin’
To take all the dough from the rich we are callin’
The poor will be raised when the wealthy have fallen
Don’t you dare to get in our way….olé!

Copyright © Dennis N. O’Brien, 2012



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