Dennis Lange is “The Bard On The Hill,” who has become a part of my blogging family in the past few months. He has a gift for saying — in very few words — what many thousands of people are feeling, but can’t express. He’s accomplished that feat again in his poem “To Occupy.” I want to share it with the “Happy Patriot” readers as well. You will appreciate the powerful truth in this piece. I could not have said it better!

The Bard on the Hill

To Occupy:  you squat in city park
And from the start we thought you in the dark,
Your signs confused, your message so unclear;
A rabble roused to bring out riot gear.
WE are, not YOU, the ninety-nine percent;
You’re less than 1, in envy and dissent.

Obama lauded you; that urged you on,
Because a mad dog only needs a bone.
You stayed three months; what happened to your jobs?
Methinks your mob is most composed of slobs.
WE are, not YOU, the ninety-nine percent;
We don’t break laws in pretense of dissent.

In Oakland, squatting Occupy’s high cost
Was millions for police to have you tossed
In jails where you belong or keep you penned
Away from rest of folks who business tend.
And THEY, the ninety-nine will pay the price
For YOU, the 1, who don’t act very nice.

We see the slackers stamping in the streets,

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