Ted Pavloff originally posted this article on Veteran’s Day, 2012. But what it says will bless readers any time of the year, and I felt to re-post it today so that the readers of “Happy Patriot” can enjoy it as well.

A Walk In The Word

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I am sharing this story with my readers. It is actually a small book, published by St. Ellen Press, which tells how God miraculously intervened in the lives of an entire Marine Corps unit during World War II. Although it’s my story, and that of the other 321 men in my squadron, it is primarily HIS story.  In the past few years I have shared free copies of the book with hundreds of soldiers who were in the midst of horrible combat overseas. In response, I have received numerous testimonies of how the book strengthened their own faith and helped them experience miracles of protection and deliverance as well.  I am grateful to be able to share it here. If you are reading this post and are a member of the armed forces — or you have a loved one who is — you may…

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