Easy Option

It seems odd to me that all of the liberal legislators who keep putting down Christians for their beliefs about homosexuals are absolutely and painstakingly mum about how the Muslims murder homosexuals just because of their sexual preferences. Those legislators want to look and sound like they are fighting for gays and their protection and rights. But if they were, they would be taking a stand against Islam’s barbarian laws and actions against gays. But, lo and behold, they DO NOT. It’s clear that our liberal legislators attack the Christians because they know Christians, by and large, try to be kind and forgiving and won’t track down those legislators and kill them. However, they know the Muslims WILL kill them, so they keep quiet about the real enemies.


Jesus, my friends, is fair game.
They’re jealous, you see, of his fame.
Look, see what one wrote?
He values his throat-
Mohammed, he never would name.


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