Exif JPEGMy name is Sandra Conner, and I am the host of Happy Patriot.  I am an author, a newspaper reporter, a teacher, a musician, and an ordained minister.  I have created this blog in order to have a place from which I can speak about what is on my heart and mind concerning our nation, our rich heritage, our way of life, the moral responsibilities of our citizens, and a number of other subjects.  I am NOT a “politically correct” journalist, nor will I ever be. That being said, I also offer those who visit here an opportunity to speak their hearts and minds on the subjects I address.  However, the site will operate on very specific principles of etiquette.

I believe very strongly in “freedom of speech,” but I do NOT believe in abusing that freedom by using words to slander, malign, or deliberately hurt another person.  Contributors to this site must adhere to the Biblical admonition that we will each be held accountable to God for every word that we speak. That term “speak” applies to both verbal and written language.  So please bear in mind that all posts on this blog will be allowed or disallowed based on those principles.

Thanks for joining me.


Thanks for visiting. Please comment freely but politely.

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