Rebel Without A Cause? I Don’t Think So

This post is primarily addressed to the other citizens of the United States who visit here. However, what I’m saying about the removal of basic rights and freedoms in our nation is something that can be applied to every free nation on this planet. So, hopefully, even those of you who are not my countrymen,…

Easy Option

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Jesus, my friends, is fair game. They’re jealous, you see, of his fame. Look, see what one wrote? He values his throat- Mohammed, he never would name. the-lefts-tired-war-on-easter

Adder Oil

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With your very existence at stake, With a reptile, a deal you would make? See his fangs and forked tongue? Do you wish to be stung? You must cut off the head of the snake.


So … What Is This Thing Called Freedom? I have my own personal tutoring/editing business. And when I, as a tutor/editor, do not have the right to choose to do work for one person and not another — for any reason I deem important to me — then I will move to another country where…

The “I” Word

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An ongoing trend – a bone of contention. To achieve an end – a word not to mention. At least that’s the theory – stop association, Then critics will weary, while within the nation Will grow deep inside, a malignant cancer Where new cells divide; where no blade will lance a…


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Imagine there’s just silence; No tune to hum or sing. Imagine all the violence, The crescent moon would bring. It isn’t hard, it’s here now. It’s waiting down the street. It’s time to watch, and fear now, The steady march of feet.

In Denial

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If your strategy is to appease They will weaken your state by degrees. They will strangle your voice But will give you a choice: To choose death, or submit on you knees.

The dis-United States of America

If I were to say America is on the brink of disaster, nearly every person reading that statement would assume I mean that we face a strong possibility of being overcome by terrorists or possibly wiped out by some nuclear holocaust. I frankly do not believe either of those events is likely to happen anytime…